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XDC Talent Concept

Talent oriented and culture rooted. Human resources are the most important resources of the enterprise. XDC adheres to the people-oriented talent concept, tries its best to create a good humanistic environment, and creates a talent team with strong initiative, creativity, independence and sense of responsibility from the direction of specialization and management.
XDC Talent Concept

Talent Development Program

  • 01

    Talent investigation

    Talent investigation, introduction, cultivation, respect and development
  • 02

    Professional direction

    Professional talent evaluation system
  • 03

    Management talent direction

    Management capability evaluation system
  • 04

    Excellence XDC people

    Ordinary people become excellent, and excellent people become excellent

Talent Incentives

  • Short-term
    Skill training
  • Metap
    KPI incentive
  • Long-term
    Career development